100 Miles for $100,000

My son always prays, "Lord, please help the poor not be poor anymore." He has been praying this since he was five years old (he is now 10). I have always thought, "My that is one tall order." But, I always continued to pray with him.

Then, one day, I learned of the Family Scholar House. Their mission is to end the cycle of poverty through education. The people enrolled in the program are working hard to earn a four year college degree. They are not wanting a temporary fix. They are working to make a change for themselves and their families.

The Family Scholar House partners with the participants of the program to change their lives. With hard work, the people of Family Scholar House will earn a 4 year college degree and also participate in life skill classes on interviewing skills, managing a budget, buying a home, etc. The Family Scholar House provides a holistic program to empower the participants to chart new futures for themselves and their families.


A light bulb went off! Why not use my gifts to help make a difference in this world. Why not combine my gifts and passion with a purpose. Even if it is small, I can do something. In a very small way, I can "help the poor not be poor anymore".

Generally when I train for a race, I like to keep quiet, get in my zone and get the job done. I like to cross the finish line first. Then, I don't mind sharing a story or two if it encourages someone.
 So, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to raise money for Family Scholar House.

Please join me in this effort to "help the poor not be poor anymore" by donating to the Family Scholar House. No amount is too small or too big.
 From the bottom of my heart and my son's....we thank you!.

Click on the donate button to donate or visit http://www.crowdrise.com/runforfamilyscholarh/fundraiser/kimandriole




  • Shine: $1,000 or more Kenny and Sheeran King, Mike, Robert and Thomas Andriole

  • Sparkle: $500

  • Glow: $250 Paul Kuhl and family Amy, Bailee and Sydney

  • Flame: $100 Belinda and Tommy Johnson, Kristen King, Haberthy Family, Brian Edelman, Nick Pabon and Dawnisa Baker



Fitness for FSH June 22nd 9am - 1pm


Ohio Valley Volleyball Center 1820 Taylor Ave Louisville, KY 40213


  • 4 hours power-packed with a variety of classes for all levels of fitness led by Louisville’s finest coaches. Come for a class or stay for the entire time! Door Prizes and silent auction.

  • Just $15 minimum donation to participate ….larger donations certainly appreciated ☺

  • Can donate at the event with check, cash or credit card) or on-line by clicking the donate button above

  • All proceeds go directly to the Family Scholar House.


For Schedule of Activities please click on this button to see and print invite:







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